Our Lincoln Park dentists are proud to offer comprehensive dental care. Comprehensive care means that we strive to meet all of your dental needs using state-of-the-art dental solutions; we have found that this dental philosophy helps patients enjoy consistent and convenient care.

Today we’re going to be talking a bit about the various treatments we offer here at Lincoln Park Cosmetic Dentists. Let’s get started!

Some of the most important services we offer are professional dental cleanings and oral cancer screenings—for both children and adults. Remember, the ADA recommends that you undergo a professional cleaning every six months or so. Another simple yet effective preventive dental measure: we craft customized protective mouth guards for our patients participating in contact or extreme sports.

When dental damage does occur, our team provides restorative care including customized metal-free dental crowns, composite dental bonding, natural looking fillings, and root canal therapy.

For people suffering from tooth loss, our dental team offers a number of tooth replacement treatments, so that we can restore your smile in a way that works for your smile and your daily life. From traditional dentures and bridges, to implant-stabilized prostheses, to individual dental implants, our dental team can help you rebuild your smile after tooth loss.

Cosmetic treatments can take years off of the appearance of your teeth, and help you smile confidently again. Lighten and brighten your natural enamel with professional dental whitening, or cover problematic teeth with personalized, attractive porcelain veneers. You can also straighten and perfect your smile with discreet Invisalign orthodontic treatment.

In the event of sudden dental damage, our team offers emergency dental treatment, so that you can get the prompt care you need, precisely when you need it.

Want to learn more about the services we offer? Please feel free to contact our Lincoln Park dentists to get more information. You can give us a call, or use the Contact Us page on our website to get started right now!

If you want to straighten your smile and improve your dental alignment, you have probably already heard about Invisalign through the grapevine. Invisalign is a modern, patient-friendly alternative to traditional metal braces. The Invisalign system is designed to perfect your smile while fitting in seamlessly with your daily life. Today our Lincoln Park Invisalign dentists are reviewing some of the key reasons that people of many ages trust Invisalign to deliver results.

So, to quickly review, Invisalign straightens teeth, corrects misaligned bites, and more using clear plastic aligners. While conventional braces utilize metal brackets and wires, Invisalign improves your smile by applying pressure to your teeth using clear plastic aligners.

· The first reason that Invisalign is such an attractive cosmetic option is because the aligners that the patient wears are practically invisible when in place over the patient’s teeth. You don’t have to mar your smile with metal in order to achieve your dream smile. Our team has found that teens as well as adults prefer to perfect their smiles without drawing attention to their orthodontic appliances.

· Another major benefit of Invisalign over traditional orthodontics is that Invisalign makes it so easy to keep your smile fresh and clean throughout the treatment process. Invisalign aligners are actually removable, so you’ll take them out to eat, drink anything other than water, and brush and floss. With Invisalign you don’t have to worry about food particles, plaque, and tartar accumulating around your brackets and wires.

· In general, patients report that wearing Invisalign is also much more comfortable than dealing with conventional braces. Invisalign plastic resin aligners are smooth, so they don’t irritate oral tissues like abrasive brackets and wires often do.

As you can see, Invisalign offers a number of advantages over other orthodontic treatment options. So, if you have been looking for a patient-friendly treatment this may be the perfect solution for your smile and for your life. Please feel free to reach out to our Lincoln Park Invisalign dentists for more information!

You have probably heard that dental patients are supposed to complete semi-professional dental cleanings every six months or so. Hopefully, you’re already keeping up with this recommendation. If, however, you are not, our Lincoln Park dentists are here to explain why these regularly scheduled appointments are so important. Keep reading to learn more!

Let’s quickly review what happens during a professional dental cleaning:

· Our team clears away plaque and tartar

· We evaluate your smile for any signs of infection, decay, or damage

· Our dentist completes an oral cancer screening

· If you do have ongoing oral health issues, we’ll make treatment recommendations

One of the key reasons that it is so important to see your dentist every six months is because plaque is always developing in your smile. Plaque that is not promptly cleared away—and no matter how diligently you clean, some plaque will be left behind—calcifies onto your teeth and turns into tartar. You’ll need a professional cleaning to get rid of tartar; by scheduling your cleanings every six months, you are able to stay on top of plaque and tartar development so that bacteria are not able to run rampant in your mouth.

You also want to ensure that you’re being assessed for early signs of oral cancer on a regular basis. Many types of oral cancer progress asymptomatically in their earliest stages. Our dental team is trained to notice subtle changes in your oral tissues that can be indicative of early-stages oral cancers. Don’t put off professional care and assessments—they can truly be life-saving.

If you have questions about professional dental appointments, our Lincoln Park dentists are happy to give you further information and support. Give us a call to schedule a consultation, or reach out to our team through the Contact Us page on our site!

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