Patients who are interested in improving their smiles with efficient and effective treatment, may be interested in porcelain veneers. Veneers deliver full results in just a few appointments, and they are completely customizable.

Today our Lincoln Park cosmetic dentists are giving you some more information about how dental veneers are crafted and placed. We hope that this information helps you assess whether dental veneers may be right for you.

When you first meet with our dental team we will assess your smile. At this point we’re trying to identify any existing oral health issues that may need to be corrected before we apply veneers. We’ll also talk to you about your dental goals; once we get a feel for what you’re dream smile looks like, we can help you determine whether veneers can help you meet your goals.

If dental veneers are right for you, we’ll next prep your teeth so that we can apply dental veneers to them. We will shape your natural dental structure so that once the veneers are in place, they will not look bulky or fake. Finally, we’ll take impressions of your prepped teeth; these impressions are used to craft your final veneers.

Once your customized veneers are completed, you’ll come in for another appointment with our team. We’ll dry-fit the veneer to make sure everything looks perfect. Once we’ve confirmed the fit of your restoration, we will bond your veneers to the appropriate teeth. At the end of this appointment, you’ll be able to jump back into your regular routine with an improved smile!

As you can see, the process for dental veneer placement is straightforward and patient-friendly. If you want to learn more about how veneers work, or if you want to get a better idea of whether veneers can help you, please give our Lincoln Park cosmetic dentists a call. We are here to help you!

Tooth loss isn’t just an aesthetic problem; when your smile is incomplete it can cause a ripple effect of oral health problems that reverberates years into the future. The good news is that our Lincoln Park dentists provide effective and attractive tooth replacement options to help your smile get back on track.

One of the tooth replacement technologies that has truly revolutionized restorative dentistry dental implant technology. Keep reading to learn more about the basic structure of the dental implant. You’ll see that because dental implants are so thoughtfully designed, they deliver natural looking and feeling results.

Let’s start by talking about what sets the dental implant apart from traditional tooth replacement prostheses like dentures and bridges. Dental implants are unique in that they replace the patient’s missing tooth root as well as the missing dental crown.

The foundation of the dental implant is a titanium screw or post—this fills the space of the tooth root. Because the implant root is made of titanium, it actually starts to bond with the patient’s natural jawbone tissue over time. Consequently, the replacement tooth stays in place permanently, and even helps the patient to maintain healthy jawbone density.

In order to restore the visible portion of the patient’s tooth, our dentist caps the implant root with an abutment, and then a customized dental crown. Our dentists use the patient’s natural teeth as guides in order to design a natural looking restoration. Once your dental implant is complete, and your crown is in place, you’ll find that your replacement tooth blends seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

The faster you are able to replace teeth after dental trauma, the better your long-term dental health prognosis will be. As always, our Lincoln Park dental implant dentists are here to answer all of your questions, and give you the tools you need to restore and rebuild your smile.

A thorough at-home oral hygiene routine is a vital component of any dental treatment plan. As you go through your normal daily routine, your smile is subjected to a number of oral health threats, and bacterial plaque is constantly accumulating.

When you take the time optimize your oral hygiene routine, you safeguard your smile for the future. Our Lincoln Park dentists are here with some helpful tips on how to make the most out of your at-home dentistry efforts.

First of all, it’s important for you to follow all of your dentist’s recommendations when it comes to brushing, flossing, and using mouth rinse. Your dental team will be able to help you personalize your dental routine to fit your specific needs.

With that said, when it comes to brushing, you want to make sure you’re using the right tools. Choose a toothbrush that fits comfortably into the hard-to-reach spaces in the back of your smile. And choose a bristle strength that is effective without being abrasive, for many people this will be a soft-bristled toothbrush. Finally, remember to switch out your toothbrush every few months, and especially after illness.

Another key component of your at-home oral hygiene routine is flossing. The best time to floss your smile is at night, right before you brush your teeth. By flossing first, you’ll be able to dislodge dental debris and plaque before you brush it away. It’s also important to choose a type of floss that fits completely between your teeth; if you choose a type of floss that is too thick it will not be effective.

As always, our Lincoln Park dentists are here to give you any additional information and guidance that you may need. The best way to get started is to schedule a personal consultation with our dental team, so that we can tailor our recommendations to your unique needs.

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