Learn More About The Primary Purposes Of Pediatric Dental Care From Our Lincoln Park Dentists

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Pediatric dental care can make a huge difference to a child’s smile in both the short and long terms. Our Lincoln Park dentists provide the information, support, and treatments necessary to help children develop and maintain healthy smiles. Today we’re reviewing some of the key tenets of pediatric dental care. Let’s get started!


One of the most important things that our pediatric dentists do is to educate our young patients about how health problems develop, and why it is so important to deal with them promptly. The more that our dental patients know about maintaining oral health, the better equipped they are to care for their own smiles! We’re also here to help parents and caregivers get the answers they need about pediatric dental care.

Building a Strong Foundation

Effective at-home and professional dental care helps your child develop a healthy and strong smile from the start. A thorough daily oral hygiene routine—brushing and flossing as recommended by your dental team—helps minimize plaque and tartar accumulation day to day. Semi-annual professional cleanings are crucial for clearing away existing tartar before it does too much damage. Additionally, preventive treatments—like topical fluoride applications and sealants—help patients develop and preserve strong enamel.

Prompt Restorative Care

Some parents and caregivers wonder why children require restorative dentistry, when they will inevitably lose their primary teeth anyway. There are a number of reasons to prioritize restorative care:

  • It’s important to retain primary teeth until they fall out naturally so that your child can develop healthy speech patterns, expand his or her diet, and maintain space along the gum line for permanent teeth to emerge.
  • Infections that begin in primary teeth, if left untreated, can quickly expand to the gum tissue as well as jawbone tissue. These infections will persist after your child’s baby teeth are gone.

Our Lincoln Park dentists are here to answer any questions that you may have, and to help your child develop a healthy and strong smile that will last into adulthood. Give us a call to get started!

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Learn More About The Primary Purposes Of Pediatric Dental Care From Our Lincoln Park Dentists
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