Lincoln Park Dentist Explains Key Preventive And Restorative Treatments Offered In Our Office

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Our Lincoln Park dental office offers comprehensive dental care, which means that we provide a range of necessary dental services to meet our patients’ needs. When it comes to keeping smiles healthy for the long term, preventive and restorative dental treatments are critical. Today we will be discussing some of the key preventive and restorative treatments that we use to help patients of many ages.

Preventive dentistry is all about keeping your smile healthy, and helping you avoid dental problems like cavities and gum disease. These treatments generally fall in the realm of preventive dentistry:

Semi-annual cleaning: you should undergo a professional cleaning every six months or so, in order to minimize accumulated plaque. This general rule applies to both adult and pediatric dental patients.

Fluoride treatments: some patients with diminished enamel may benefit from fluoride treatments to strengthen their teeth. These treatments are also sometimes used on younger patients

Sports dentistry: our dental team creates customized mouth guards for patients who take part in extreme or contact sports

Restorative dentistry is designed to help people fix their smiles after suffering from dental damage. We may use:

· Natural looking, tooth-colored dental crowns to rebuild broken or excised tooth structure

· Dental bonding with custom-shaded dental resin in order to correct damage

· Cosmetic porcelain veneers to resurface a patient’s smile and to fortify specific teeth

· Dental implants, dentures, or bridges to replace missing teeth

· Root canal treatment to remove deeply embedded infected or damaged tissues

No matter what your smile currently looks like, our Lincoln Park dentists are here to help you enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile. Even if it has been awhile since you’ve seen a dentist (actually, especially if it has been awhile!), please feel free to contact our helpful team—it’s never too late to improve your smile!

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Lincoln Park Dentist Explains Key Preventive And Restorative Treatments Offered In Our Office
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