Lincoln Park Dentist Reviews Advantages Of Choosing Dental Implant Replacement Teeth

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If you are one of the many adults suffering from tooth loss, you have more restorative treatment options than ever before. Our Lincoln Park dentists are here to help you assess your tooth replacement options, and, ultimately, restore your smile using a treatment that is perfect for your smile.

Today we are going to be giving you more information about one treatment, in particular: dental implants. Dental implants are quickly becoming the gold standard in the world of restorative dentistry.

Dental implants are permanently, free-standing replacement teeth. An individual dental implant has a titanium root that extends into the patient’s jawbone; this replacement root is then capped with an abutment and a permanent dental restoration. Dental implant roots are also used to permanently ground larger dental prostheses like dentures.

The number one reason that patients love dental implants is that these replacement teeth are permanent; once your new tooth is in place you do not need to worry about it shifting around or falling out. Dental implant users also love that they can care for their replacement teeth as they care for their natural smile—these restorations fit in seamlessly with your existing daily life.

Another important benefit of using a dental implant is that the titanium root that extends in the patient’s jawbone actually helps to support optimal dental health. With the titanium root taking the place of your natural tooth root, you are less likely to suffer from jaw tissue deterioration, and shifting teeth: both of which are common side effects of premature tooth loss.

Patients of many ages achieve exceptional dental results using customized dental implants. If you want to learn more about what dental implants can do, and how the treatment process works, please feel free to contact our Lincoln Park dental implant dentist. We are here to help you through the process from start to finish!

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Lincoln Park Dentist Reviews Advantages Of Choosing Dental Implant Replacement Teeth
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