Periodontal disease is an insidious oral health problem. This disease can progress asymptomatically for months or years, all the while depleting the health and stability of your smile.

Our Lincoln Park dentists provide the restorative periodontal disease treatment that patients need to stay well. Let’s learn more about what is involved in repairing a smile suffering from periodontal disease.

Gum disease occurs when a patient’s gum tissue becomes infected with harmful oral bacteria. These bacteria go to work deteriorating gum tissue, and over time, weakening the connective tissues and bone tissues of a patient’s smile.

The first key to treating periodontal disease is to remove any infected material. Then our dental team will prescribe an oral hygiene plan for the patient, so as to minimize further bacterial build-up, and give the gum tissue a chance to heal.

If a patient has lost significant gum tissue, it may be necessary for our dental team to perform gum tissue grafts. During this procedure our team builds up depleted areas of the patient’s smile with oral tissues that have been harvested from healthier parts of the smile.

In extreme cases of periodontal disease, patients lose teeth due to rampant infection. When this is the case our dental team uses tooth replacement options to make the patient’s smile whole again. Dental implants are highly effective, and exceptionally natural looking, stand-alone replacement teeth. Every dental implant has a tooth root that extends into the patient’s jawbone, so these replacement teeth actually help to bolster jawbone density.

The earlier that you are able to spot, and seek treatment for gum disease, the better your long-term prognosis is. So talk to your dentist about your gum health—are there any preventive measures that you should incorporate into your dental hygiene routine?

Our Lincoln Park dentists are happy to give you additional information—give us a call to get started!

Porcelain dental veneers are very popular with dental patients of many ages. These cosmetic restorations can quickly and comfortably transform the appearance of your smile.

What kinds of dental issues do our Lincoln Park dentists fix using porcelain veneers?

1. Dental discoloration

It is very common for patients to accumulate dental stains, and suffer from dark or dingy teeth over time. If you are dreaming of a whiter and brighter smile, porcelain veneers can help you achieve your goals. When our dental team applies a porcelain veneer over a stained tooth, we immediately give that tooth a white, bright, and luminous appearance.

2. Dental damage

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we accumulate cracks or chips on our teeth. The good news is that minor dental damage can easily be covered with sturdy dental veneers. Once your veneer is in place, your tooth with will appear whole and unblemished.

3. Poorly balanced smiles

Oddly sized teeth, and asymmetrical smiles can be corrected using dental veneers. Let’s say you have a tooth that is too short—our dental team may be able to craft a veneer that is slightly longer than your natural tooth, so that your post-treatment tooth appears proportional. We can also design a veneer to be wider than your dental enamel, so that we are able to close gaps between your teeth.

Perhaps most excitingly, you can achieve all of these objectives at once with dental veneer treatment! Dental patients who are looking to correct multiple aesthetic issues at once can completely transform their smiles in just a few dental appointments.

If you want to learn more about all of the things that dental veneers can do, our Lincoln Park cosmetic dentists are here for you! Give us a call to get started! You can also submit a question through the Contact Us page on our website.

Taking care of your smile doesn’t have to be a chore. There are three quick and simple things that you can do in order to boost your oral health throughout the day. As always, please feel free to call our Lincoln Park dentists if you have any questions after reading this short article!

As you try to protect your smile throughout the day, the goal is to minimize the amount of plaque that is able to accumulate on your teeth and gums. Now, there is no way to totally prevent plaque production—we simply have to be diligent about neutralizing it and clearing it away!

Tip 1

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day (make sure you are drinking water, as sodas and juices have harmful sugars and acids). Water helps to flush dental debris from between your teeth, and every time that you drink water, you help your body to produce saliva. Saliva is hugely important for neutralizing oral bacteria.

Tip 2

Avoid chomping on hard candies and ice. Hard and abrasive foods, like hard candies and ice, can damage your dental enamel when you chew on them. When you habitually chew abrasive foods, your dental enamel will develop micro-cracks, which become dental weak-spots in which bacteria accumulate.

Tip 3

Rinse with water after you eat and drink anything other than water. After you eat and drink, oral bacteria in your mouth feed off of the resulting sugars from about 30 minutes. In order to hinder this feeding frenzy, you can rinse your mouth with water to flush away remaining food and drink.

Our Lincoln Park dentists can give you more personalized recommendations when you come in for a consultation with our dental team. Call our office, or use the Contact Us page on our website in order to get started, today!

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