One important objective that our Lincoln Park dentists complete during semi-annual evaluations is an oral cancer screening. Because many oral cancers develop asymptomatically in their earliest stages, professional screenings are crucial for readily identifying and treating cancerous tissues. Keep reading to learn more about some of the risk factors for developing oral cancers, as well signs and symptoms.

There are some risk factors for developing oral cancers that we simply cannot control: things like age, family history, and race. However, when are aware of these risk factors, we can be diligent about seeking professional support. So, as you get older, and if you have a family history of oral cancer, talk to your dentists about additional screenings or treatments that may be appropriate for you. Statistically, African-American patients are more likely to develop oral cancers than Caucasians.

Then, there are those risk factors that are well within our control. Oftentimes, by making simple changes to our habits and lifestyles, we can help minimize our risk of cancer development. The following things increase your risk of experiencing oral cancer:

  • Alcohol: regular alcohol drinkers, especially those who drink hard liquors, have higher instances of oral cancer compared to the general population.
  • Diet: when it comes to what you eat, healthy foods, like antioxidant and fiber-rich fruits and veggies can help safeguard your smile. Any time that you can swap out fatty or sugary treats for healthier alternatives, you’re investing in your future health.
  • Tobacco: whether it’s cigarettes, cigars, or chewing tobacco, tobacco is carcinogenic, and thus increases your cancer risk. It is best to cut tobacco out of your daily routine entirely.

By taking steps to support your oral health now, you can minimize your chances of developing dental problems in the future. Our Lincoln Park dentists are here to give you all of the additional information and support that you need; please don’t hesitate to give us a call! 

If you are one of the many people dealing with dental trauma and missing teeth, our Lincoln Park dentists want to strongly encourage you to seek treatment as soon as possible. Missing teeth are certainly an aesthetic issue, but, more importantly, they can kick of a ripple effect that damages your smile for years to come.

Treating tooth loss is a personal process—our team customizes every aspect of the process to meet our patients’ unique needs. Depending on your situation, we may recommend you move forward with:

  • A dental bridge: this tooth replacement option sits on top of the gum tissue, and is held in place with small brackets that connect to adjacent teeth. The replacement teeth in your bridge are shaped, sized, and shaded to blend with your existing teeth.
  • Dentures: this type of prosthetic is designed to replace a full complement of teeth. Traditionally, dentures have been designed to sit on top of a patient’s gum tissue; the base of the denture is molded to fit the unique shape of the gum tissue on which it sits.
  • Dental implants: innovations in tooth replacement technology allows our team to permanently replace missing teeth and anchor them in the patient’s jawbone. Implant restorations are held in place with small titanium roots or screws. Once inserted, the titanium of the implant root will bond with natural bone tissue. Dental implants stay in place permanently, and you care for them just as you’d care for normal teeth.

As always, our Lincoln Park dental implant dentists are here to answer any questions that you may have. Give our office a call to schedule a consultation with our team, or submit a question for our dentist using the Contact Us page on our site. We look forward to helping you rebuild the whole and healthy smile you deserve! 

If you’ve been looking for ways to improve dental aesthetics, and achieve a straighter smile, our Lincoln Park cosmetic dentists have some information for you. Thanks to advances in the world of cosmetic dentistry, there are now a number of ways to treat dental misalignment; your treatment options go far beyond traditional metal orthodontics.

When you meet with our dental team, we’ll assess the current state of your smile, and help you decide what type of treatment is right for your unique situation. You may ultimately benefit from:

  • Invisalign

This treatment protocol uses clear plastic aligner to incrementally straighten and perfect smiles over time. With Invisalign you can close gaps between teeth, straighten a crooked smile, and correct bite problems, like underbites, overbites, and crossbites. Many patients prefer Invisalign to traditional metal braces because this treatment is comfortable, discreet, and simple to use.

  • Dental Bonding

Rather than moving your natural teeth into better positions, dental bonding builds up select teeth so that the smile appears straighter and more perfected. This treatment option is best utilized to treat minor misaligned and small gaps between teeth. One advantage of dental bonding is that the entire treatment process can be completed in just one appointment, and quite affordably.

  • Cosmetic Veneers

This is another cosmetic option that covers existing teeth, rather than moving them over time. Veneers are thin porcelain restorations that, once in place, completely resurface the patient’s visible tooth. A veneer is only about as thick as a contact lens, so it looks natural and unobtrusive. Because veneers are custom shaped, sized, and shaded, they can be designed to close gaps between teeth, lengthen short enamel, and build out crooked teeth so that they appear better aligned. Generally speaking, it takes two to three appointments to have your veneers crafted, fitted, and then permanently affixed to your teeth.

Improving dental aesthetics doesn’t have to mean undergoing lengthy and expensive cosmetic treatment. Our Lincoln Park cosmetic dentists will help you evaluate all of your treatment options, so that you can achieve the smile of your dreams. 

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